Real Estate Success Tracker (REST) is recommended by RealtorĀ® Magazine Buyer's Guide
Real Estate Success Tracker (REST) is
recommended by Realtor® Magazine Buyer's Guide

REST is recommended as a high-end CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system in Realtor® magazine’s Buyers's Guide.

Real Estate Success Tracker — REST is professional real estate CRM software. It’s powerful enough to never outgrow. Easy enough to rely on as the digital cornerstone of your business. REST offers a 10-year track record of helping agents deliver better service with easy-to-use client care and transaction management features.

For Windows, Mac, iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) plus add-ons for Google Calendar on browsers and Android. Partners and teams in mixed-platform environments share a live, real-time system for up-to-the-minute collaboration for better client servicing and retention. REST is built on FileMaker Pro and includes a full working copy of FileMaker Pro with each REST Single User w/Remote Access or Multi User license. You get the rock-solid capabilities of REST plus the endless options of FileMaker.

REST offers extraordinary value with the best combination of features, flexibility, interoperability and extensibility.
Jeff Brown

“My firm just installed a new database program called REST, and we’ll be shouting ’till we’re hoarse about how superior it is. They don’t have a single worthy competitor... I unashamedly trolled for a database vendor to pony up to the ‘Put Up Or Shut Up’ bar. REST put up.”
Jay Thompson

“To put it simply, REST rocks. For a complete CRM system, the interface is simple and intuitive. It allows me to keep my data on my system and manage it my way. I'm no longer married to a Top Producer that keeps MY data on THEIR system and forces me to manage it how they think is best.”
Pat Kitano

“Matthew Hardy, a 20-year CRM veteran at Real Estate Success Tools, eloquently addressed ideas proposed on our CRM 2.0 article about why social networks aren't portable into CRM systems. It's exactly what I wanted to hear, and I'm republishing his thoughts here with a few more discussion points.”
Jan O’Brien

“Real estate software I use and highly recommend! ... comprehensive, easy to use tool to follow-up with your sellers, buyers, and sphere of influence as well as track your real estate transactions. The online training and tech support is also outstanding.”
Ben Eckenroed

“... it's "business management software". Their support is fantastic and the ability to login to the software remotely when I am away from the office makes it invaluable. I highly suggest this for all.”
Chichi Ahia

“Prior to purchasing REST, I spent several months evaluating every single minute detail of my business activities and put my list up against just about every software solution out there. REST took it hands down. Not only am I more organized, but my consistency and productivity are through the roof due to the ease of use of REST. Nothing falls through the cracks…nothing. All things considered, buying REST is probably some of the best money I've spent in business so far...”
Bob Loeffler

“I teach a course where our students average one transaction a week during our 6 week course. In my 21 years of real estate, and my years as a trainer I have never seen anything even close to REST!

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