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RESTAssured is world-class CRM
served for you effortlessly
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Get expert.

Real estate client relationship and transaction management capability that's always on and tuned for performance.

Your REST database file is private in just the same way if you hosted it yourself — data is never shared with anyone outside your file.

It's easy — you just connect.
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Is RESTAssured right for me?

RESTAssured is the best alternative to hosting and managing REST yourself from your own home or office. It's simple, easy and reliable.

Using standard internet connections, you access your private REST file from anywhere, using faster-than-a-browser desktop-based software*.

Now available for
iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users! Get live 3G/Wi-Fi access** with the new iOS app FileMaker Go. Click here for more info.
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It’s easy to get started now.

For a one-time set-up of $149 plus your first month's hosting, we’ll provide everything you need to get started with no contract required!

Monthly Hosting: $34.98
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Training included: Two (2) 45-minute Private Screensharing credits for one-on-one or team training! $198.00 value FREE
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Support included: Two (2) 45-minute Private Screensharing credits for one-on-one or team support! Plus free technical support via email, videos, step by step guides and more. $198.00 value FREE
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Hosted on the highly acclaimed FileMaker Pro Server without having to purchase, learn and manage it yourself.

Nightly backups plus periodic file transfers of your complete REST database file to a location you specify, keeps you in control of your valuable business data.

RESTAssured provides fast, reliable alway-on access — your private REST database file is always on except for scheduled updates and maintenance.

Note: you are
not sharing a file with other REST customers; you control your REST User Accounts and can change access privileges instantly and at any time.

* Access via
FileMaker Pro (included with RESTAssured) for Windows and Macintosh.

** Access via
FileMaker Go (purchased from the iTunes store) for iOS devices iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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