REST Supports Fabusend "Smart Letterhead"
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Adds custom HTML branding with links and tracking to every email you send from REST.

Add Fabusend and email sent from REST includes "Smart Letterhead" HTML branding personalized for your real estate business, links to your website, powerful tracking features built in and more!
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Personalize, professionalize & monetize all the email you send.

Personalize your email with color photos, logo and your branding message. Professionalize your email with company logo, titles or designations, and contact information. Monetize your email with Live Links and built-in tracking intelligence.

"Smart Letterhead" turns your plain, everyday email into remarkable ones that get more attention. Choose from premium email templates which can then be personalized for you at no additional cost — the template of your choice is included with your Fabusend purchase. And while great "Smart Letterhead" designs are a big part of this successful formula, the technical capabilities of your Fabusend branded email ensures that they arrive as they should and display correctly.
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Increase your website traffic
with Fabusend Live Links.

Live Links are special "hot-linked" buttons that are included in your "Smart Letterhead". These Live Links are designed to increase traffic to your website. Clients click on 'live' buttons and are redirected to key website landing pages you specify for property information or to fill-out forms.

Live Links are trackable, telling you which buttons people are clicking on, and how many times. You "push" your brand with all your everyday email, then "pull" recipients to your website through Live Links.
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Powerful tracking and marketing feedback built in to every email you send or reply to.

Now you can know when your email gets opened, by whom, and even how many times — no more wondering if someone received your message or not. Tracking provides valuable feedback to understand the effectiveness of your messaging.

Fabusend's built-in tracking is invisible to your clients and gives you priceless marketing cues, such as when to call and follow up with clients and when not to. You'll also know when an email does
not get opened, thanks to a special negative tracking feature. Tracking notices are automatically sent to your inbox as they occur, or you can log in to your Fabusend dashboard to get all this information in one place and receive no notices. Unopened emails can be re-sent as plain text and includes a link to your original branded message. A unique "safe sender request" helps ensure your current and future email messages are received by clients.

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