Real Estate Success Tracker

Simple yet powerful real estate software to manage and grow your business. Easy to use and learn with a tightly-focused feature set.

• Windows, Macintosh and iOS devices
• Single-User
• Single-User with Remote Access
• Multi-User for up to 250 simultaneous users
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What are the greatest benefits of using REST?

Real Estate Success Tracker helps you deliver better service to your clients with easy-to-use, integrated marketing, communication and follow-up capabilities.

Real-time customer relationship and transaction management features allow up-to-the-minute collaboration for better client servicing.

REST is a real estate CRM application — Customer Relationship Management
• Shared REST database allows real-time collaboration
• Fast, feature-rich Windows & Mac desktop plus iOS software
• Private system for 1-2 people up to the largest teams
• Can hold terabytes of data
• Complete import/export capability
REST provides expert-level real estate transaction management
• Repeatable processes thru Action Templates for high-level client service
• Manage vendors — mortgage, title, etc
• Manage all key dates relating to transaction
• Track activities, disbursements and showings
• Send email reports to Seller/Buyer re: transaction progress, showing feedback
REST does digital document management
• Store links to web-based or hard drive based documents
• Store files within REST for access by assistants or team members
REST does email and print marketing
• Unlimited Mail Templates for consistency
• Stores all mail sent to contact
• Include key transaction data in email
Some of the Areas of REST:


Your clients, vendors, other real estate agents


Easily manage listings or buyer subject properties


Every activity associated with any client and property


PDFs, websites, photos linked everywhere


One-off or bulk, postal or email to any group


System wide notes linked everywhere


Manage many activities under any project


Easy to manage with real-time income overview

Action Templates:

Make plans then use them over and over again


Implement your marketing plans with ease
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REST Single User

Just starting your career in real estate or a full-time veteran? REST is the perfect solution to build your business the right way from the beginning or to get control of the success you’re already having. Move your real estate business into REST and give it a secure place to prosper.

Unlike web-based solutions which store customer data online, agents using REST Single User don't access their data from an internet browser. REST users access their data directly from their notebook computer. Or, for the ultimate in portability, just it carry it on a flash drive and plug it in anywhere! REST runs directly off your flash drive.

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Single User with
Remote Access

When you're looking for a personal database system that gives you everything, REST w/Remote Access is for you. You can run your CRM and transaction management functions on a home or office computer — then access it from anywhere! Use your notebook or iPad with fast OS-based software.

Create PDFs and email using data residing in your base system. Host your private REST file on your home or office computer or our RESTAssured hosting service then connect from anywhere for instant updates — no syncing!

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Multi User / Team

What does “team” mean to you?

Are you an office of 50 or a single agent with an assistant? Perhaps a group of six to eight associates who need to have shared access to the same data. REST is ideal for you too. It can handle up to 250 users simultaneously like a walk in the park. Your users can share access from anywhere in the world because REST uses the internet in a more private way. Everyone on your team (Windows and Mac) can connect to your central copy of REST which remains under your control.

Best of all, this ability to grow your real estate business over any geographic area is not accomplished with some limited browser-based solution. REST is industrial-strength software whose foundation is used by some of the largest corporations in the world. REST is for real estate people who understand the value of client data and are serious about the long term success of their business.

Each REST user in your multi-user system has their own login and (if you want) can only see their own data. Of course, transaction coordinators and management can have access to everything they ought to.

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RESTAssured Managed Hosting Service for REST

Your REST database file is private in just the same way if you hosted it yourself — data is never shared with anyone outside your file.

RESTAssured is the best alternative to hosting and managing REST yourself from your own home or office. It's simple, easy and reliable.

Using standard internet connections, you access your private REST file from anywhere. Nightly backups plus periodic file transfers of your complete REST database file to a location you specify, keeps you in control of your valuable business data.

RESTAssured provides fast, reliable alway-on access — your private REST database file is always on except for scheduled updates and maintenance.

You are not sharing a file with other REST customers; you control your REST User Accounts and can change access privileges instantly and at any time.

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