How REST Works
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How REST Works:

Big-time software for smaller companies.

Let’s look at two ways (of many) you can use your internet connection for your real estate business:
Browser software (examples):
- Internet Explorer
- Safari
- Firefox
- Opera
Database software (examples):
- Oracle
- Microsoft Access
- FileMaker
- Ingres
- Informix
- PostgreSQL
- SQLite
Why they are alike:

With both browser software and database software, all you need is an internet connection.

Why they are different:

With browser software the logic, interface and data must be downloaded onto a blank slate and often re-downloaded when things change. Browsing a website with many thousands of users connected can be unpleasant.

With database software only the data has to travel on your connection because the logic and interface are a part of software on your computer. Things are faster and it’s a richer experience. Your database is only shared with those you select.

With browser software nothing of importance resides on computers you own and control. The website company has options to give you only some of your data back when you leave the service, sell your data or endeavor to hold your business captive.

With database software everything can reside on computers you own and control and you have options to:
- Carry your database with you

- Serve your database and access it from anywhere

- Share with a partner, team or office

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