Design Influences
Design Influences:
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A Trusted System

Before “GTD” was a catchphrase,
REST was built on the principals
of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”

What we learned:

- You DO have a lot to do
- New ways of looking at work
- A trusted system is foundational for success
- Lists are key
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A perspective on business

The “E-Myth” tells a real story of the
business principals foundational to
long-term real estate success.

What we learned:

- Work on your business (not always just in it)
- Operating methods are for every business
- Treat your business like a business
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A study of real estate

“Millionaire Real Estate Agent” offers
an excellent nuts and bolts
understanding of the business.

What we learned:

- Get a system and work it
- Databases are key
- Build a business that has real value

REST is your trusted system.

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