REST for anywhere you go!
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REST supports FileMaker Go for iOS devices iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

Browse, edit and search your REST data LIVE on your iOS device with FileMaker Go.

Whether you’re checking transaction status, client histories, shared team calendar, notes entered by your assistant or updating your progress on anything you're doing in your real estate business, you can do it all while you’re on the go.

It's easy — you just connect.
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From your iOS device...

• Add, modify, or delete information
• Find, sort, and navigate through records
• Instant updates — no syncing!
• See data in the same familiar desktop views
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How to access with FileMaker Go:

It's convenient to access your real estate business information with FileMaker Go.
1. Host your private REST file on:
• Your home or office computer
• Your own server (ex. Godaddy)
• Our RESTAssured hosting service
2. Connect LIVE with your iOS device via:
• A local wireless network
• Over the internet using Wi-Fi
• Over the internet using 3G
There is no syncing required!
All changes made by connected users are instantly updated in the hosted file — you and your assistant or team share information real-time.
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Works with...
• REST Single User w/Remote Access
• REST Multi User
• RESTAssured customers
• iOS 4.0 or later
• RESTv 4.0 Rev. J or later
• FileMaker Pro 10 or later
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How to get started:

If you already meet the above requirements, there's no extra charge from us — just purchase the FileMaker Go app from the iTunes Store.

Currently using REST Single User? Simply update to REST Single User w/Remote Access for only $129. Click here to request an invoice.

Using an older version of REST and FileMaker? Click
here to request update information.

I'm interested and I'd like to...

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